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Hi, my name is Way Woo, and I am a member of the Web Novel Writers Group from Korea.
All of our writers grew up reading English novels like Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, etc. that were translated into Korean. We also grew up reading and watching a lot of Japanese comics and novels that were translated or subtitled in Korean.

Those lovely memories we have now shaped our dream, and they fueled our energy and imagination during bad or good times. In fact, I loved those English and Japanese novels and comics so much as a child, I became a web novel writer as an adult.

So sometime in 2018, I started talking with a group of fellow writers about bringing our novels to English readers. After all, those lovely fantasy stories could positively affect our childhood (and even adulthood, at least in my case) because of someone's effort making those novels available in other languages.

Of course, there is always money involved in this world. It is tough to find great English writers or editors that fully understand our Korean novels.

Is that too much of a challenge? No, not to those of us who are reading and writing about fantasy and heroes. That's not what our childhood heroes would have done. After a long year, we finally made it happen.

My group and I are all investing together to bring great novels to our English readers (and current or future writers). Our goal is to keep presenting our stories so that we can provide good time and memories to our English readers as we received those gifts from English writers. We will keep fighting on to make this happen! I really do think that this is my new chapter in life, as it is for all of my web novel writers' group.

I will keep looking for the best stories that I can get my hands on (starting with my own story). I look forward to presenting our work to you for as long as possible. I genuinely appreciate your support! Thank you!